Shop for artisan goods at Roswell Provisions


Shopping in historic Roswell offers you some unique choices. There are stores that are different from the big box favorites. One of those stores is Roswell Provisions. It's a community market that has a simpler take on shopping and dining. Roswell Provisions has a few interesting features. It's an excellent spot to find a gift with their well-known … [Read more...]

Innovative and creative uses for Vinegar


Vinegar is one of those pantry essentials. You may not cook with it, but you'll certainly be able to use in it in many other ways in your home. If you haven't utilized the benefits of this all-purpose tool, here are a few apartment living tips to get you started. Add it to laundry - Vinegar brightens, freshens and kills odors. Add 3/4 cups to … [Read more...]

2015 Free Museum Days in Metro Atlanta

Georgia Aquarium

One of the biggest perks of living in a major city is the amazing museums available to you. It's not always easy to have memberships or pay entry for all of them. Don't worry, though, there is free museum admission in Atlanta GA -- It's called Free Museum Days. Here is the list of must-visit places to enjoy a museum without pulling out your purse or … [Read more...]

Save Money While Going Green During Spring Cleaning


Here at Willeo Creek Apartments spring has us throwing open the curtains, opening windows and freshening up our homes. Spring is the perfect time to clean and reorganize, and if you're doing the same, save yourself a little cash by making your own green cleaning products. The cleaning-experts at Better Homes and Gardens, along with EarthShare and … [Read more...]

Making an Office Nook in Your Roswell Apartment

home office

Roswell apartments are perfect space for a home office. If you plan on working from home in the coming year, follow these tips to create the perfect office nook. Like any decor change, creating a home office nook requires some planning. First, find the right spot. An unused, or little-used closet is perfect. If you don't have a closet, then find a … [Read more...]