4 Ways to lighten the touch of clunky furniture


Take a look around the rooms in your home -- are many of them filled with visually heavy pieces of furniture? If so, an apartment may look overcrowded and cluttered. The best way to take the weight off is by adding visual balance with a spot of DIY. Whether it's a cupboard, table or chest of drawers, you can lighten the load with our apartment … [Read more...]

Gorgeous spring scenery awaits at Chattoohochee Nature Center

Chattahoochee Nature Center

Did you know that Roswell is close to many adventures outdoors? Are you aware of the fact that the largest nature center in the metro area sits a short drive from our apartments in north Atlanta? If you're looking to get out of your apartment in Roswell, Chattahoochee Nature Center can be found nearby on 9135 Willeo Road. Covering 127 acres along the … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning 101: Home Cleaning Hacks

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The majority of people living at our community think of cleaning as a dreaded chore, and, because of this, they will put off doing the simplest of duties. From changing bed sheets to dusting surfaces, every little bit of help one could get when cleaning is always appreciated. Luckily, we have found some unique spring cleaning tips that could come in … [Read more...]

Seek out these home design gift ideas

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Not matter what the reason might be for you to be giving a gift, you can't go wrong when you choose home decorating items. Here are a few home design gift ideas you might want to consider for the loved ones  on your list. Watercolor Plates Watercolor plates always make a great gift, especially if you're looking for someone who lives in a small … [Read more...]

View a bevy of artwork at the 2015 Dogwood Arts Festival

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Spring in the Atlanta area is meant to be spent outdoors, not locked up in your Roswell apartment.  Lucky for you, the 79th annual Dogwood Festival is returning to Atlanta, at Piedmont Park, to provide art, music, food, and more.  This year's festival will take place from April 10-12.  Here are some highlights of the festival to check … [Read more...]