4 Creative ways to repurpose old furniture

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Before you decide to toss a piece of furniture, remember there are many helpful apartment decorating tips out there. One set of particularly informative tips include ways to repurpose old furniture. Not only is repurposing old furniture a fun way to pass time, but also a satisfying endeavor that saves money. Here are some ideas to get you … [Read more...]

Bring out neighbors by hosting a soup swap


Forming relationships with your neighbors is a huge benefit to the whole community; however, it's not easy to go knocking on doors to introduce yourself. If you're up for utilizing some spring party ideas and open your home to the people next door, try a soup swap. Have you never heard of a soup swap before? If you haven't heard of this fun spring … [Read more...]

Spend Valentine’s Day listening to the Romantic Valentine’s Gala

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Valentine's Day, otherwise known as the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when people exchange cards, sip wine and attend romantic events in Roswell, GA. "A Romantic Valentine’s Day" Gala with a Wee bit O’the Irish will be presented by Ludwig Symphony Orchestra on Saturday, February 14, so clear your … [Read more...]

Pro & Cons of “One Body Part a Day” Training

bench press

Getting in shape is one of the top New Year's resolutions that a majority of Americans make each and every year, and if you plan on dropping a few pounds in 2015, why not do it at our apartments in Roswell? Aside from going for long walks with the dog and runs around the neighborhood, we recommend burning calories inside our onsite fitness center. … [Read more...]

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with these Cooking Classes

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When you move into one of our apartments you will be tempted to put your apron on and get the cookbook out, because each rental space features modern kitchen appliances. If you don't know your chopping from dicing and simmering from sautéing, why not attend cooking events in Roswell GA? With Valentine's Day just a couple of months away, there's no … [Read more...]