Simple Ways to Bring the Outdoors into an Apartment

potted plants

Luxuriousness and spaciousness are two things that you can enjoy when you move into an apartment at our community. The wide windows inside our rental spaces allow plenty of natural light to pour in, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of this by introducing plants! Did you know that the indoor environment tends to be up to 10 times more … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Save Money this Summer and Beyond

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We all need a little bit of entertainment in our lives once in a while, whether it is in the form of watching a music concert, dancing the night away at a club with friends or catching a movie at a local theater. We understand that renting Roswell apartments means that you will need to set money aside for bills and rent, therefore you might be on a … [Read more...]

Attend the 7th Annual GA-400 Hospitality Bike Ride This July


Is your calendar looking a little boring? If so, give your social life a boost by attending one of the most popular annual events near Roswell GA, The 7th Annual GA-400 Hospitality Bike Ride. Taking place July 12, this event will lure cycling enthusiasts and beginner bikers to forbidden Highway GA 400. Both adults and juniors are encouraged to … [Read more...]

How to Organize an Overcrowded Pantry at Willeo Creek


Do you spend hours trying to prepare a meal, only to end up doing a slap-dash job because you have trouble finding ingredients? If so, your pantry probably needs a tidy up. Just like a walk-in closet comes in handy for arranging clothes by season, a pantry will be useful for storing ingredients in order of expiration date. Giving your pantry a … [Read more...]

5 Books You Should Read on Your Summer Vacation

best summer reading list

Are you a female with a fascination for fiction? Perhaps you prefer non-fiction reads? Whatever kind of book you fancy burying your head in whilst relaxing poolside this summer, you are sure to find one that appeals to you at surrounding bookstores in Roswell GA. From broadening vocabulary to learning new things, there are plenty of reasons to read under … [Read more...]